Data-driven decision making for utilities

Ellio is a cloud-based platform developed specifically for utility organizations to provide data-driven insights to help inform your decisions.
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Meet Ellio Financial

Ellio’s first module, Ellio Financial, is a highly functional financial planning tool designed to help utilities plan for and develop solutions to financial and rate-setting challenges. This tool offers capabilities that will help you better understand the impacts of your capital programs and rates, ensuring you make decisions that support the unique needs of your community.

Why Ellio Financial

Graphical visualizations support the comparison of multiple scenarios

The integrated scenario builder and dashboards allow users to simultaneously compare the financial impacts of multiple variables, including rate adjustments, customer growth, borrowing costs, capital projects, and more.

Enterprise-wide collaboration, simplified

Ellio’s organization-based subscription model simplifies team collaboration for as many users as you need, without annoying per-seat licenses. Your subscription comes with unlimited users, and customizable access permissions for each.

In-depth analysis of rate and affordability impacts

Designed for water and wastewater utilities by Raftelis experts, our scenario builder provides you the opportunity to model a wide range of situations and consider their impacts. Ellio is designed to help you better understand impacts on affordability and rates, and better serve your customers with that knowledge.

Compare Ellio Financial with Excel models


Excel-based model

Ellio Financial

Planning horizons that consider short-term needs and long-term objectives
Intuitive interface and easy navigation
Multiple scenario comparison to explore the impacts of key forecast drivers
Cloud-based system that promotes collaboration
Simple step-by-step import of data
Efficient and effective organization of historical data
Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Scenario builderImport dataKey inputs

Getting started is easy as 1, 2, 3

Define your system’s key characteristics
Import, populate, and review your financial data using an Excel template
Use the scenario builder to create, compare, and analyze scenarios for rates, customer growth, and capital projects on your dashboard

Common questions about Ellio Financial

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy—book a demo with us.

Can Ellio account for several capital projects?

Able to manage individual capital projects or overall programs and their funding sources, Ellio Financial will accommodate as many capital projects as you need.

Is Ellio customizable to my utility’s existing rate structure?

Ellio is flexible to nearly all types of rate structures commonly used in the water and wastewater industry, and Ellio Financial is customizable to fit your specific needs. Considering inputs like customer class, meter size, and tiered structure, this tool seamlessly fits into your toolkit. 

How does an Ellio subscription work?

Ellio Financial is a subscription-based service that is billed annually. With that subscription, your entire team gains access to the organization’s Ellio account for seamless collaboration and on-the-go use. 

Is Ellio Financial a self-service platform? What happens if I need help with a model?

Raftelis experts custom-built Ellio Financial considering the questions and challenges we’ve faced while working with 1,000+ utilities across the country, ensuring you can use the tool yourself or understand the tool we use to assist you. There are two ways to leverage Ellio: 

As a self-service platform with a few hours of consulting time built into the beginning of your experience. This helps ensure all your data is entered correctly and you have the foundation you need to use this tool successfully. 

As a tool with consulting services included. We have a tiered pricing structure to ensure you receive the support you need to use Ellio effectively. With this option, you’ll not only have access to Ellio Financial and its vast capabilities but also Raftelis’ financial experts.

Will Ellio Financial save me time?

Ellio Financial is designed to be user-friendly, and easy to set up. Compatible with Excel, it’s easy to import and set up your current models in Ellio. From there, it offers dashboarding tools to help you analyze information more efficiently and scenario builders that allow you to run several scenarios much easier than you would in Excel. Additionally, Ellio is web-based, making enterprise-wide collaboration simple. 

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Coming Soon

We are currently developing more tools to help utility organizations thrive. Reach out to us if you would like to be notified of their release, which we anticipate for late 2023.

Ellio Analytics

Benchmark against your peers from across the country

Know where you stand and see where you’re going. Ellio Analytics will offer users access to Raftelis’ comprehensive utility datasets gathered through many years of serving clients across the country. Leverage these data for your needs, benchmark against your peers, and better plan your future.

Ellio Performance

Track your organizational performance to meet your strategic goals

Has your utility’s performance improved in the last month? How about year? Ellio Performance will help utilities improve their services by benchmarking and measuring against common industry Key Performance Indicators. Get ready to watch the needle move.


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